Finally the Indian Debit Card Works on Amazon, Google Play, and Paypal

I never opted for credit card. And given the various kinds of restrictions on transactions, my Debit card could not be used for purchases from various sites which has in some ways become essential in the internet connected world. Though … Continue reading

SBI Green Channel

Green Channel facility was started by SBI last year on its 204 th year (2010). At Jabalpur this facility (as far as I know) started some weeks back. However, today I used it for the first time – and I … Continue reading

EPFO: Know your EPF (Provident Fund) Balance

EPFO is changing and becoming more transparent. One can check ones EPF balance from the following link: Initially only a few EPFO offices have been linked – but it would be gradually expanded to cover all EPFO offices The … Continue reading

Foreign CAs wanting to do CA from ICAI and ICAI’s MRAs and MoUs with CA Bodies abroad

ICAI has MRAs (Mutual recognition Agreement) and MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with foreign CA bodies of certain countries. Under this agreement, the Foreign CAs can acquaire CA from ICAI, and ICAI members can acquire CA degree from such foreign CA … Continue reading

Concept: Tax Adjusted

Often, we come across the term “Tax Adjusted”. This concept of Tax Adjusted is not an Accounting concept, but a Finance concept. This means that it is one of the concept that is used for analysis purpose. It is this … Continue reading

Chartered Accountancy (CA) New Scheme of Education & Training

Most of the Professional Accountancy courses are designed in a bit of complicated manner. As these courses are not classroom courses, therefore the systematic structure that the student is familiar with at school college level is not available in such … Continue reading

ICAI Parivartan Offer Software : An Impractical Delivery Model

Project Parivartan of ICAI Software in Partnership with Microsoft Letter from Microsoft Vendor Scheme Abandoned? Problems with ICAI Site Update 1 Update 2 Update 3 Update 4 Project Parivartan of ICAI ICAI had sometimes back initiated the “Project Parivartan” — … Continue reading

CA Examination Rules

Final Exams – Eligibility to Appear Attestation of CA Final Exam Form Attestation of Exam Form by Gazetted Officer Reading Time at Exams Exemption at Exams Illustration of Different Cases of Exemption Surrender of Exemption Verification / Retotalling Online Application … Continue reading

Digital Cash: Instant Money – IMPS : Interbank Mobile Payment System

Some years back, when the mobile phone had started being used on a large scale, one solution of payment that evolved was deduction from the mobile balance. This system can be found even today when we purchase games that come … Continue reading

Union Finance Bill (Budget Proposals) 2011

For a central government – and particularly for a vast country like India, Budget is not just an accounting exercise – but a policy direction. With often changing rules issued by the administrative authorities under the powers granted to them … Continue reading

Articleship Training: The Areas of Training

Accounting Works Audit Statutory Audit Audit and Time Factor Internal Audit Concurrent Audit Stock Audit Tax Audit Revenue Audit VAT Audit Investigation Assignments Other Kinds of Audit Drafting of Certificates and Reports Tax Work Tax Computation Work Tax Return Filing … Continue reading

CA Articleship: How to Search for Firms for Articleship Training

Good Firms for Articleship? The Dynamics of CA Firms Tips for Finding Firm for Articleship Training Articleship Placement Portal ICAI Noticeboard Newspaper Adverts Published Accounts Job Portals Bank Audit Empaneled List CAG List PCAOB List Peer Review List Other Methods … Continue reading

Motivation for Success in Chartered Accountancy (CA) Exams: Cases of Real CAs

CA. M. Santhosh Reddy CA Ambika CA Anjan Kumar Verma CA Prarthana Menon CA P S Iyengar CA Ajay Bhagat CA Bhanu Parashar CA Nidhi A.Bhatnagar CA Mohamed Shafi CA Ankur Garg CA Kaushik Batavia Suggestions for Writing Answers For … Continue reading

Ten Reasons to Think before joining Chartered Accountancy (CA) course

CA – Do you Really Need it? Badly Drafted Study Materials Rapid Changes in Subject Matters Unprofessional Evaluation System Articleship: Trainee or Resource? Moderation of Results? Students – A Source of Revenue? Articleship is Not Job Experience CA – Not … Continue reading

Indian Rupee (INR) Gets Symbol

Indian Rupee has finally got the symbol for itself. This is fifth currency in the world to have its own symbol. The others currencies being of USA (Dollar), UK (Pound), Japan (Yen) and Euro that is prevalent in many European … Continue reading