Finally the Indian Debit Card Works on Amazon, Google Play, and Paypal

I never opted for credit card. And given the various kinds of restrictions on transactions, my Debit card could not be used for purchases from various sites which has in some ways become essential in the internet connected world. Though … Continue reading

SBI Green Channel

Green Channel facility was started by SBI last year on its 204 th year (2010). At Jabalpur this facility (as far as I know) started some weeks back. However, today I used it for the first time – and I … Continue reading

EPFO: Know your EPF (Provident Fund) Balance

EPFO is changing and becoming more transparent. One can check ones EPF balance from the following link: Initially only a few EPFO offices have been linked – but it would be gradually expanded to cover all EPFO offices The … Continue reading

Concept: Tax Adjusted

Often, we come across the term “Tax Adjusted”. This concept of Tax Adjusted is not an Accounting concept, but a Finance concept. This means that it is one of the concept that is used for analysis purpose. It is this … Continue reading

Digital Cash: Instant Money – IMPS : Interbank Mobile Payment System

Some years back, when the mobile phone had started being used on a large scale, one solution of payment that evolved was deduction from the mobile balance. This system can be found even today when we purchase games that come … Continue reading

Union Finance Bill (Budget Proposals) 2011

For a central government – and particularly for a vast country like India, Budget is not just an accounting exercise – but a policy direction. With often changing rules issued by the administrative authorities under the powers granted to them … Continue reading

Indian Rupee (INR) Gets Symbol

Indian Rupee has finally got the symbol for itself. This is fifth currency in the world to have its own symbol. The others currencies being of USA (Dollar), UK (Pound), Japan (Yen) and Euro that is prevalent in many European … Continue reading

Using Paypal in India and Verification Process

I had wanted to have a paypal account for a long time. I even created my account some years back – but deleted it later, as I was not in a position to verify my account. The reason is that … Continue reading

Assessment Procedures of Income Tax in India

Income Tax Basics Income Person – One who earns Income Types of Income Types of Assessment Normal Procedure of Taxation Income Tax Return (ITR) Need for Checking by IT Dept Self Assessment Scrutiny Assessment Best Judgment Assessment Reassessment Example Concluding … Continue reading

Transfer of EPF Provident Fund Account Balance

Background Initial Works Types of Transfer EPF Transfer Form Procedure after filling the Form Problems in EPF Transfer Making Complaint Transfer Finally Happens Problems after Transfer Additional Notes Intra Region Transfer Transfer From Exempted Enterprise Do we need any Other … Continue reading

Digital Signature

In India, the Digital Signature is governed by the Information Technology Act 2000. Digital Signature: It means authentication of any electronic record by a subscriber by means of an electronic method or procedure in accordance with sec 3. As per … Continue reading

Electronic Governance

e-Governance in India is governed by the Information Technology Act 2000. e-Governance in India has following components: 1) Legal recognition of electronic records (Sec 4) : Wherever required by law, the requirement of submission of documents shall be deemed to … Continue reading

Union Budget Proposals 2009

Budget in India is a very important annual fiscal exercise. Though over the years the sheen has eroded to some extent as many of the important decisions which the Union government used to take through budget were – in the … Continue reading

Responsive Banks

Some days back, I found that SBI and Axis Bank did not have in their NEFT database a bank branch in which I had an account. Regarding Axis Bank I wrote to them – however the initial response was as … Continue reading

Banks and Their Methods

I wanted to open a bank account with following facilities: 1) The debit card provided should be VISA 2) It should have good internet banking facility – particularly providing for – a) NEFT Transfers b) Online opening of TD/FD/RD etc … Continue reading