EPFO: Know your EPF (Provident Fund) Balance

EPFO is changing and becoming more transparent.

One can check ones EPF balance from the following link:


Initially only a few EPFO offices have been linked – but it would be gradually expanded to cover all EPFO offices

The EPF member would be asked to enter name and mobile number. The given mobile number will be recorded along with the PF Account Number.

On successful submission of above information, the details will be sent through SMS to the given mobile number.

Note: However on checking the link, I found that it was as on date (04 July 2011) the link was not working. I find it strange why govt organisations like EPFO comes out with announcements that they have not implemented. Perhaps, its still the old govt mentality even on internet that make announcement, set up inauguration stones and then delay or forget the project!. For those whose RPFC is not linked the only way to know the balance is by contacting the PRO of particular RPFC.

Update (Sept 2011): Now many RPFC offices have been linked and it seems that the website is being linked to all the EPFO offices in India gradually. And yes – the information provided is through SMS and the system works pretty efficiently. However, the information available is based on the Annual Return submitted. So, when I checked Madhu’s a/c eventhough the particular RPFC EPFO link showed “Data Available upto 07.09.11″, in reality data provided was upto only 31-03-2011

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18 Responses to EPFO: Know your EPF (Provident Fund) Balance

  1. Amarendra Moahanty


  2. Dear Sir,
    I have worked in a private company in New Delhi for almost 6 years from 1982 to May 1988. Unfortunately, I lost the P.F. Account Number. Is there any chance to trace-up my P.F number, so that I can claim and reimburse my P.F. amount. The company name is M/s.Biren Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi. I left the company in May 9th, 1988.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have worked in private company in hyderabad for almost 2years from 2008 to 2010 unfortunately i lost my p.f account number . is there any chancy to trace up my number so that i can claim amount.the company name coromandel international ltd hyderabad


    my epf no. is [EDIT]. i want to know my balance. plz send the balance through my e mail.

  5. sarada prasad das

    sir,i want know my epf a/c balanceand how with draw cash from my a/c.

  6. pls. provide me my EPF balance.
    my a/c no is : [EDIT]

  7. Sir
    it is appeared that leave the extension field blank in the code if you do not have the extension. I have tried so many times on the above addess but everytime when i fill the columns given, it always ask me to fill the blank colums when my account don’t have the extension.

    • Anup Mukherjee

      You can use the following format. Suppose your EPF number is: PB/12345/123

      Firstly you should have the extension ie. PB/CHD (for Chandigarh)or PB/BTI (for Bhatinda)

      In such case: suppose yours is PB/CHD/12345/123

      in the EPFO page, you can

      either write PB-CHD-12345-”Leave BLANK”-123

      Another way is to write PB-CHD-0012345-000-0000123

      You will also have to click on “I agree” before clicking the submit button

  8. I had already submit my detail as per the given address but till date did not get the result

  9. Dear Anup,

    I have worked in a organization which has head quarters in USA for about 12 months. They have closed down Indian operations and closed office in India. I am working in another organization now. I don’t have the PF account number with me. I have the salary slips in which it was not mentioned. The agency which handled the HR operations for this company says we have destroyed all the records after giving the necessary details to the company HQ office. My question is there any other option to retrieve the PF account number? I have the organization code with me (obtained thru establishment search in epfindia.com) and i know we were only two employees in the organization thru out its existence in India.

    Is there any way i can know my PF number?
    Please help.

    Jagadeesh Chava

    • I guess RTI can be used in such situation as first step. Otherwise I dont see any legal way to get the “insider” information.

  10. Nityananda Mondal

    How to know details my epf balance?

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