BSNL – My Number, My Choice: Choose Your Mobile Number Scheme

BSNL has come out with a really nice scheme – and opened up the choice of numbers to its existing / prospective subscribers.

One can choose number of mobile phone. Only one number can be reserved per mobile phone. The ‘reservation’ of number is valid for 72 hours (3 days).

After reserving the number, one gets a PIN that one has to confirm. And thereafter visit the nearest Customer Service Center (CSC) of BSNL to claim the SIM. The SIM comes Free !

The link can be accessed from:

The scheme is called “Choose Your Mobile Number”


In some circles like MP, now BSNL also provides “Fancy Numbers” and can be accessed from the above link. These are priced higher than the ordinary numbers. These are not VIP numbers, but akin to them.


The comment to this post is being closed as I find that there were recent comments of people who wanted to sell numbers (such comments have been deleted). It may kindly be noted that this is a private personal website, and not to act as proxy for such trade in any manner, and this website is also not meant to be a match maker for private trade of numbers.

(Readers may kindly note that mobile number should be obtained only from the operator directly. Any active number issued by the operator is not transferable.)

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46 Responses to BSNL – My Number, My Choice: Choose Your Mobile Number Scheme


    ****444444 , ****333333

  2. I want to bsnl pre-pad card and its last four digits are 5085

  3. the thing is that i want ****734000.
    What is the price of this number. I have reserved this number in bsnl website.

    • Anup Mukherjee

      Visit your local CTO / CSC where SIM cards are given. In MP these SIMs are 3G sims (when I had purchased), and were available at Rs. 59. The amount may be few rupees more or less, depending on the current charges of BSNL. The main thing is that a valid receipt is given for the amount charged. You have to get the SIM within 48 / 72 hours. Previously it was 48 hours – I am not aware what is the current duration of reserving the number.

  4. what should i do? They are asking for Rs.1200.

  5. I want to purchase BSNL number – last digit is 474755


    Am publisher n chief editor of The ANYAY VIVECHAK, newspaper. I want to purchase a cug plan with 100 nos.- 9494949494 to end of hundred

    • Anup Mukherjee

      For CUG facility, I would suggest contact your local BSNL commercial section. They would also be able to tell you whether you can get such numbers.

  7. ravi kumar wadhwa

    i need a mobile number the last digit will be 11111 or 22222 or 333333 or 444444 or 55555 or 77777

  8. Nitesh chouhan

    I need a mobile number the last dight 54444 and 44444 or 66666 or 22222

  9. santosh singh sikarwar

    i want to have one bsnl number and unic number…

  10. BhupendraPratapSingh

    I want a MobileNo.- 098000/198000/298000etc.Or94—98000/94—-8000/Etc

  11. bhaskaranand ji

    01008 or 00108 01216

  12. i want to buy a prepaid sim vip no. about 1000/- in jodhpur