Review Samsung Hero Dual SIM Mobile E2232

Samsung Hero Dual SIM E2232

Samsung Hero Dual SIM E2232

In the last 8 years we have bought different mobile handsets (both Nokia & Samsung)- including 3G ones having video calls (which is very rarely used even among family members). But I have never felt compelled to write about those.

But this phone – which I bought a week back – is just as what Aamir Khan says in its advert – the Real Hero

This mobile is fantastic to say the least. It is light weight, extremely user friendly, has good sound, and every feature – has been well placed. The navigation menu is excellent. Unlike Nokia handsets, the navigation in this Samsung Dual SIM E2232 is extremely user friendly.

The music is good, there is FM (including recording facility for songs being played on FM), and camera though basic is fairly good. All standard features are there. One can also define sources of SMS as spam and thereby the offending SMSs from that source would be directed to the SMS spambox. There is also fakecall facility to extricate you from certain situations.

I also found that in case of Bluetooth, it has some really excellent features which is missing even in high end mobiles. One can easily enter into discussion through Bluetooth (like SMS) – and the display in terms of threads is extremely human friendly. Even as such, the SMS can be read in the conversation mode. This is really very user friendly as one can directly see the various SMS one has received or written to any particular number.

Also one can add memory card for extended memory like for saving of files.

The dual sim is dual standby – ie. both are active simultaneously. However when anyone of them is busy like receiving call or calling someone else – and that time if someone calls on the other SIM, then the message would be “out of range”. (that is part of technology – one cannot talk simultaneously on two). The solution can be SMS alert that service providers like BSNL provide free, where one can set that if someone is calling when phone is “out of range”, then an SMS would be sent with the call number and time of call

Switching number for making calls or for SMS is very simple – one only has to press # for some milliseconds.

The only negative feature, I found was that the sound settings of only the primary SIM is inherited while that of secondary SIM is not inherited. For example if in both SIM situations, I have set the mode to silent. And I am using SIM 1 (primary SIM), then if I switch to SIM 2, the keypad sound gets automatically activated. (however this can be quickly changed with a few key strokes). This problem does not arise when one switches back from SIM 2 to SIM 1. (Update: There is no such limitation, as I recently found the way to configure sound setting of SIM 2)

Another thing, I observed that while the Samsung Mobile website advertised that this phone had mobile tracker in it, in reality it does not have this. I spoke on this matter to Samsung Call Center, and they made me look at the option to find the feature. When I said, that the option was simply not there. So they said that I should send this phone for repair to the local Samsung service center! (So much for the ignorant support people of Samsung Call Center).

When I spoke over this matter with the local Samsung service center, the person explained that mobile tracker would function when one SIM is removed and another SIM is put. However since this is dual SIM, and the SIMs can be changed at random, in the dual SIM models, the mobile tracker feature is not found. He also seemed surprised that the Samsung website advertised that mobile tracker feature was available in it.

Internet surfing can also be done – but then those who have seen 3G speeds wont like the 2G speed. Besides, there are other goodies like an inbuilt torch.

Overall an extremely good handset. Price Rs. 2250 at the local mobile shop.

This mobile can be bought online from flipkart

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21 Responses to Review Samsung Hero Dual SIM Mobile E2232

  1. i bought hero e2232 before some month,when i downloaded nimbuzz and other software like oxford dictionary for my mobile it says that java error,lige ig to large,i can open or access it on my mobile,what should i do that my mobile support it.pls reply me

  2. Does it realy has document viewr as mentioned in samsung web site?.i.e. can i read doc/pdf files in this phone?

  3. how to do fully silent, without viberation.. I did all off but when i
    send msg/make a call then, when currency shows(network/service reply)
    viberation makes hw to make it off?
    1) Call alert type – mute
    2) Message alert type – mute
    3) Alert tone – mute
    4) Call status tone – off
    5) Alert on call – off

  4. I bought samsung hero 2232 mobile. When i bought i got problem on the phone. The phone was automatically switched off within 5 to 6hrs. Then after i open the battery and insert again then phone works properly. Everyday i am getting same problem. I went samsung service centre they told me software problem then they update software after 2 or 3 days again i am getting same problem.

  5. i have faced the similar problem as anbu… even in silent mode when the service reply comes it vibrates the mobile. my calls to service providers and samsung to stop the service replys didn’t help.

  6. i need dictionary for samsung E2232 mobile… send me the link…. if you know

  7. I bought the samsung e2232 mobile before 3 months . the problems i’m getting are

    1. I cannot mute the network related messages. like the network related alerts (last call costs like that)
    2. If i set the message alert tone downloaded from the net (or transferred from other mobiles) it keeps on beeping. but my tone is small length only.

    Please help me if anyone knows the solution….

  8. i need a dictionary for samsung E2232 mobile plz send me the link ……..if you know.

  9. Hi ,
    I bought Samsung E2232l mobile in Dec 27,2011 in india,but it was not working in mexico for vodafone.the same vodafone sim international roaming is working in other mobiles.only it is not working in samsung E2232 mobile.Please help me to get on samsung mobile.


  10. Hello sir..
    i bought samsung mobile at flipkart… to work dual sim by calling setting for how to set call dailing settings for sim1 and sim2 permissin show the mobile user…send answer me …..for example one number dial with sim1 or sim2 permission…

  11. Really nice. My best phone.

  12. i bought white1.. Best mobile in Best price.

  13. Recently I saw a Samsung Hero E2232 ad on Television. It is stylish handset with FM loud speakers. It is best selling mobile in Samsung Dual SIM mobiles history.

  14. how can i add selected songs from my files in the memory card to music player. its not showing the icon add music from the memory card folders. can anyone help me on this?

  15. U JUST need to activate the silent mode.

  16. how to open pdf files or word documents in the samsung hero e2232
    It is showing unsupportable format
    In some web sites it was mentioned that it is capable of document viewer.
    can any one help me how to open the documents

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