Udaan TV Serial by Kavita Chaudhary now in DVD

Udaan TV Serial was a highly motivational and acclaimed TV serial for the laid back times of 1980s and later on was repeat telecast in 1990s. Udaan TV Serial was at that time telecast on Doordarshan, and was a big hit with the middle classes. In a way, it inspired a whole generation of youth in India at that time.

Udaan by Kavita Choudhary

Udaan by Kavita Choudhary

It showed the struggle of a woman from the backwaters of India (Bilaspur) who goes on through the struggles of life, and finally goes on to become IPS officer. Her triumphs and tribulations as an IPS officer also forms part of the story. The interesting thing is that even Shekhar Kapoor, the now famous Director acted in the Udaan TV Serial

The TV serial has been released by Reliance Home videos in DVD format.

In this serial, Kavita Chaudhary acted in the lead role of Kalyani Singh, an IPS officer and was very well supported by Shekhar Kapur, Vikram Gokhale and Uttara Baokar. Particularly Vikram Gokhale as father of the lead character was too good.

I would only add that Udaan TV Serial is my favourite TV serial till date – and perhaps the only serial that I had watched fully.

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6 Responses to Udaan TV Serial by Kavita Chaudhary now in DVD

  1. I need a udaan’s DVD. Kindly inform how can i get it?

  2. This serial so much influenced my mind that I want to become anIPS officerafter waching this serial Iluv kavita in her role and I LUV sekhar too from the core of my heart they live their roles wishing both happy &prosperous life

  3. how to buy acopy of it

  4. awesome serial

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