BSNL Fantastic Scheme: Pyaari Jodi Offer

BSNL is definitely jumping into the competition warfare. It has launched the “Pyaari Jodi Offer“. Under it the Landline / WLL customers would be given a free mobile SIM. The primary advantage attached to that is: 1) Full free call … Continue reading

BSNL Fantastic Scheme: Pyaari Jodi Offer

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  1. i have opted for the PYAARI JODI scheme from T Nadu on 24 Jan,2011. I am not able to RECEIVE calls. I can get my calls outgoing. I inserted the P-J SIM with another hand set (working well with another SIM). Same prob. What can be the prob?

  2. Komal Prasad Sakale

    I have taken pyari jodi from Dhar (Madhya pradesh) mobile number 8989420314 On 01.02.2011 I have called my land line number 07297 234314 against which the mobile was alloted. Call lasted for 30 seconds. My balance was reduced by Rs.1.00 Means this call was charged,whereas it should be free. why it so. Please reduce amount may kindly be refund. And please do needful.

  3. I have taken Pyari Jodi Schema (prepaid) on 26-Mar-2011 from N.R. Colony CSC, Bangalore. I got a talk time of Rs. 33. To check the scheme, I have called my landline number againt which this mobile number was allocated, it was 15 seconds and my balance was reduced by 15 seconds. This means call was charged, as it is suppose to be free.

    To check this, I called customer care 1503, but no response from them.

    BSNL Consumer Number: 50647244

  4. I am facing problems since 6 months on my landline phone no.0522-2409986 and so far my phone was cut due to non-payment which was made by me because of no response from BSNL as usual. Later on, I paid the bill. But one day (on 09/04/2011), a person from BSNL came and gave me mob. sim no.8765454291 under pyari jodi offer. He told me that this is a free offer but after receiving the sim, he charged me Rs.31/- but the sim was absolutely free. Again I see that my phone is not responding again. Then what is the use of pyari jodi offer when I am unable to talk free. U have sold your sim and got your money. What about my problems?

    • The Rs 31 is for the FRC (First Recharge Coupon) – without which the Pyari Jodi wont get activated. The FRC comes with talk time of Rs. 15.

      To your other query, I would say – why wait for the bill to be delivered. Now a days BSNL has made facility for online payments of landline phones

      You can Register there and enroll your phone numbers – landline and postpaid – and pay the bills. Also you can recharge / topup your prepaid through the portal

      The list of places for which online facility is available can be seen from the following link:

      Also, landline customers of various cities can get their billing status through SMS (Lucknow is also in the list). See the link below:

      Its high time that we stopped relying on the postman for many of the things – receiving telephone bill is one of them.

      btw – IndiaPoint.Net is an independent website not associated with any organisation – I am also a customer of BSNL just like you. :-)

      (I have used the portal many times primarily for topup of prepaid mobile and it works just fine.)

  5. how to expand the validity of the pyari jodi simcard?
    plz tell any recharge for it!! and after doing that validity recharge the pyari jodi offer continues or not?
    plz tell me!! m from maharastra region…waiting for the reply..

  6. i was not using bsnl pyari jodi offer since last few month. now i want to use it. but the call not conect. it automatically disconnects. when i check the balance,the network reply tell “transaction is not complete.problem with service” what should i do now??
    sms also cant able to send….so plz help me ….

    • Kindly give me your number i will check what happened to your number.
      Have you try to select manually?Have you recharge FRC-33?

      • @ITPC Pune. Can you plz let us know what is the voucher by which the validity of Pyari Jodi can be increased? For example, under Anant scheme, the validity automatically increases whenever top up is done.

        However, for Pyari Jodi it is not clear. The initial period of validity after the FRC is six months. Topping up does not increase its validity. So after the end of six month – what voucher to use to increase the validity.Will we have to use the normal prepaid voucher to increase the validity period?


        • For pyarijodi nos, validity can be increased by doing recharge (not topup) of any denomination like Rs 55, 110, 220, 280, 330, 1100, 3300 etc.(validity will be increased by 15, 30, 60, 365, 90, 365, 365 days respectively)

    • @Amol, you can directly send your email to mentioning your pyari jodi number and also by mentioning an alternate number so that the BSNL officials may talk to you directly if required.

  7. I have opted for the pyari jodi of maharashtra circle.
    3 days from now, and i will be in bengalooru, Karnataka.
    I wanted to know if i would be charged of anything (be it roaming, call charges, etc) even if i call my linked land line phone.

  8. Dear sir please tell me the procedure of activating the 2 local and 1 std ff no. at a time or the three messages are to be send independently and what time will it take to activate.

  9. i have taken pyari jodi before 6 months and the last date for its validity is 26 th may if i want to increase the validity of sim card is there any way?

  10. Nilesh Sulakhe

    Halo Sir,
    Recharge voucher for pyari jodi plan in maharashtra is Rs. 280 for continuation after 180 days usage.
    Isn’t it big amount? I want to ask is STV 94 is applicable in Maharashtra? Please comment.
    Can I change this plan to normal plan? how?
    Kindly suggest.

  11. Jolly Varghese

    Is any way to check current F&F nos given under Pyari jodi (bsnl) plan?

  12. I have bought lifetime prepaid bsnl sim. is there any plan or tariff trough which i can talk on one local prepaid bsnl number FREE, or in minimized rates?

  13. swarnima singh

    thanks. through this i can talk on 1 local and one std bsnl number @ 20p/min..
    in pyari jodi only landline no. conversation can be made free?
    cant it work on the new prepaid sim i have purchased?

    • Under Pyari Jodi, the concession are:
      1) Unlimited Free calls from mobile to linked landline (however, landline to mobile not free)
      2) Concessional calls to TWO BSNL numbers within circle
      3) Concessional calls to ONE BSNL number outside circle

      Under normal prepaid & ANANT scheme the concession is available on TWO BSNL numbers within circle, and ONE number outside circle.

      The concession can vary eg. for Pyari Jodi, its 20 p within circle number, and 30 p for outside circle number

      When you wrote, you have bought life time prepaid, it means you have bought Anant SIM. For Anant scheme the concession is 30 p for the two numbers (within circle) & 50 p for one BSNL number outside circle.

      Apart from these, migration is also possible between Saral Anant & 49 Paisa per minute & 1 paisa per second plans (subject to certain time limits). You can have 49 paisa per minute (if you talk more) or 1 paisa per second (if you talk less). Under these the concessional calls are charged 20 p per minute to the two BSNL (within circle) numbers, and 30 p for the outside circle number.

      Anant scheme is usually used by those who receive more calls and dial less

      The complete details you can find at:

  14. Anup Mukherjee

    The new number for Friend & Family facility – 241

  15. C.Harikrishna Shastry

    I purchased Pyari Jodi but my friend complaint how many numbers you have so I find trouble so i want convert my old BSNL no to pyari Jodi is it possible in karnataka

  16. how to check gprs balance in postpaid as well as prepaid.

  17. how to activate friends and family no. reduced call charges in bsnl postpaid 225 plan

  18. Alok Kumar Shukla

    I want to inform every body that in Pyari Jori offer mobile sim takes 48 hours for activation but in between if you call from your mobile to land phone or any other phone you will have to pay 1 paisa per second charge, otherwise wate for 48 hours for activate sim in this plan.

  19. My papa had taken a sim from BSNL office, Chandikhole, Orissa in Oct 10,2010.
    we enjoyed the facility provided by BSNL. but since 4 to 5 days the free service to our home fixed line is not working. what should I do to activate this service again.
    please suggest.

    • Plz give a written complaint to the CSC from where you got your Pyari Jodi SIM

      Also, there has been change in the Pyari Jodi scheme. Earlier one could call the linked landline unlimited free. However from 10 Oct 2011, the free call is limited to 30 minutes per day. After 30 minutes, the charge will be 20 paisa per minute

  20. If i only want the STD BSNL number and not the two local BSNL numbers to be activated in the plan.Can it be done?

  21. Thanks a lot..

  22. i have been having Pyari Jodi linked phone problems for over 6 months now.
    They have not solved it.
    Finally, i persisted in calling 1503, and even asked them to call the supervisor to the line.
    Nothing. I have been calling them for the past 2 hours. yes. And i even recorded the calls so that i can send the recordings to someone.
    I finally understood the following things about BSNL customer (mis) care. For Baroda, where i took the scheme, the calls go to Ahmedabad. There, even if you chose the english language option. you only get people speaking Gujarati, or hindi (the hindi is pathetic btw). They dont know the procedure, and dont even know how to speak with common decency.
    When they transfer calls , many times they forget to put the call on hold music, so there is dead air and soon enough, the calls end automatically. It actually feels that when they see my call coming, they deliberately cut it.
    Even the team leader/ supervisor.. whoever came online did not know english.
    I am now going to report this to the GM.
    Meanwhile, one of the customer (mis) care person told me to call up 1500.
    They said they cant understand what is the problem with 1503 people.
    i then found this site and am ranting. My wife says just throw it away.
    unfortunately we have 2 nos.
    I just thought that instead of getting frustated, i should see the comedy angle.
    People like Team Anna may say we have corruption problems as problem no. 1.
    what about Competency problem… isnt that the biggest problem we have?

    thanks.. hope someone from Baroda/ gujarat BSNL gets to see this.

    • I have found that in every organisation (govt & pvt) – the customer service is pathetic.

      Yes you are right – whether you choose English or Hindi – (my experience with other organisations) – Customer Care people at other end are more comfortable with Hindi /Local language (and they are so awful when speaking English!). And apart from this – one does not really know, whether the customer care people one is speaking to belongs to the organisation or is some outsourced agency !

      I would suggest go to your local CSC of BSNL from where you have landline connection. Depending on the kind of problem you are facing – tell them to solve it – if needed even visit the mobile exchange. And even if needed complain to the concerned DGM / GM

      However, one thing I would suggest, it often happens that services from BSNL end is fine, the problem is with the handset. For example, I have often found that using Samsung handsets gives lots of problems relating to configuration – and on may occasions they simply do not work with services like GPRS / EDGE. And while at the same time, another handset like Nokia would work fine.

      To your wanting to throw the SIM, I would say – that the Pyari Jodi still gives 30 minutes free call everyday to the linked landline – and that is quite an advantage!

  23. Hi,
    I had purchased the pyaari jodi sim at Bangalore BSNL office in September 2011. The FRC amount was Rs.33. The problem is I am not able to recharge my number from any recharge vendor or online. What should i do? Also the sms cost is 60 ps /msg. Is this the correct tarriff?
    Kindly reply

  24. Kindly give facility to activate other tariff,sms scheme on Pyari jodi scheme.

  25. we brought a sim under pyari jodi plan(Odisha Circle), we tried many times to send the 3 no(FF<<phone no….). that we registered and send it to 53733 but we revived a msg stating that “invalid keyword. please try again later., with correct fields. In that case what we are supposed to do?

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