BSNL Fantastic Scheme: Pyaari Jodi Offer

BSNL is definitely jumping into the competition warfare. It has launched the “Pyaari Jodi Offer“. Under it the Landline / WLL customers would be given a free mobile SIM. The primary advantage attached to that is:

1) Full free call to the linked landline / WLL phone

Update: From 10-10-2011, the free call to the pyari jodi Landline/ WLL would be restricted to

Free Upto 30 Min per day and

beyond 30 Min. @ Rs.0.20/Min

Apart from that the other benefits are:

1) Within the BSNL network the charge is Re. 0.01 (1 paisa) per second, and to other networks it is Re. 0.012 (1.2 paisa) per second

2) Within the BSNL circle one can define two BSNL numbers for concessional charge of Re 0.2 per minute through FF (Friend & Family) route

3) Apart from above, one can also define one BSNL number outside the circle for concessional charge of Re. 0.3 per minute

The other immediate benefits are:

1) Special recharge of Rs. 33 at the time of activation provides for validity of 6 months and Rs 15 talk time

2) On activation BSNL provides for use within 30 days the following:

a) 1000 Free local SMS

b) 1000 Free national SMS

c) 1000 MB Free GPRS internet download

The SIM as such comes activated with 3G services

All this is really good to get a new number or an additional number.

This offer has been launched throughout India in the different circles of BSNL. As far as I know, no closing date has been put to the offer. So anyone with a landline / WLL of BSNL would be eligible. Moreover, I guess, the scheme is also open to new Landline / WLL connections of BSNL.

Another Good thing is that apart from individual home users, even Business users having status like “Company”, “Firm” etc having BSNL landline connection can also avail this facility.

Pyaari Jodi FAQ:

1. Pyari Jodi is now a permanent scheme of BSNL

2. Pyari Jodi SIM can be got on a Fixed Landline connection or WLL connection.

3. The Pyari Jodi SIM can be Prepaid or Post Paid

4. The Pyari Jodi number cannot be ported out.

5. Outside the Circle, the Pyari Jodi works on 1 Paisa per Sec scheme – Including on calls to the linked Landline / WLL



Update: Increasing the Validity of Pyari Jodi

Validity of Pyari Jodi number can be increased by doing recharge (not topup) of any denomination like Rs 55, 110, 220, 280, 330, 1100, 3300 etc. (validity will be increased by 15, 30, 60, 365, 90, 365, 365 days respectively).

The best is of course the Rs 280 recharge voucher that increases the validity by 365 days and also gives a talk time of Rs. 110

Update (July 2011): BSNL has done away with the 280 voucher. So, the best option now is the 200 voucher that gives validity of 6 months and talk time of 180. (Talk time may differ from circle to circle & from time to time – some may even give full talk time – or even more than that, I got 180, when I recharged one of my Pyari Jodi mobile)

Within a given validity period, to increase the talk time, one can use the normal topup.

Update (May 2012): Now, the validity of the Pyari Jodi can be increase by Rs. 80 voucher. That increases validity for 90 days and is loaded with Rs. 40 talk time (which does not reflect in *123# balance !), and other things like Free SMS (25 local & 25 STD sms) and 10 MB internet surfing (10 MB Data Pack).


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122 Responses to BSNL Fantastic Scheme: Pyaari Jodi Offer

  1. I had bought a pyari jodi sim in which i want to avail the reduced call rate scheme to 2 local bsnl numbers and 1 std number.How would i do that.calling 241 doesnt help me.

  2. Hello
    muzhe krishi sanchar rs109 ke benefit wala prepaid plan activate karna hai. Pls help me.

  3. i applied mnp from uninor to bsnl more than ten day its not activated.

  4. Pradipta Kumar Panigrahi

    In my Pyari Jodi sim, I want to avail the reduced call rate scheme to two local BSNL mobile numbers and one BSNL landline Number. Again I want to convert the pre-Paid sim to Post-paid. Is the Bill will come along with my landline bill? Plz. help me at the earliest.

  5. sir
    can you pls tell me how to increase the validity of existing bsnl sim card in pyari jodi scheme.

    • Now a days, as I understand there is no difference between recharge and topup. So just use topup. A topup of 200 increases validity by 6 months. Previously one had to use the validity vouchers.

      You can also do online topup at:

    • Anup Mukherjee

      Now, the validity of the Pyari Jodi can be increase by Rs. 80 voucher. That increases validity for 90 days and is loaded with Rs. 40 talk time (which does not reflect in *123# balance !), and other things like Free SMS (25 local & 25 STD sms) and 10 MB internet surfing (10 MB Data Pack).

  6. Is their any facility to transfer those sim which are under the pyari jodi scheme from one state to another to reduce the roaming charges ?

  7. sir ,i am using the pyari jodi offer since last few months and it was working as per your rules but from last week onwards this charging more than on subscribed bsnl nos. than this offer commit.plz let me know the problem as soon as possible.also your customer care no.1503 is not working.

    • Not my rules – but BSNL rules !!! Check to what VAS services you have subscribed – if the rates have not been revised for them.

  8. I have taken Pyari Jodi scheme in Prepaid mob. no. [EDIT] from Kanpur (UP East).
    . I have called my landline no. [EDIT] against which this mob was alloted, every time i called on this number I was charged as much i called. Why It is so.

  9. can the number of pyari jodi be changed?

    • As far as I know, it cannot be done – but who knows what new feature gets added to such scheme as BSNL does not advertise properly. As such, now a days I find that when a pyari jodi mobile is not recharged with the Rs. 80 pyari jodi voucher (90 days validity), it reverts to the normal 1 paisa per second plan.

  10. Kanan Bihari Goswami

    Pl tell me how to revive my Pyadi Jodi connection. [EDITED]

    • There is a Rs. 80 voucher that one has to use every 3 months to keep the ‘pyari jodi’ scheme active. If the Rs. 80 voucher is not used, then the mobile reverts to normal/general prepaid plan.

  11. Dear sir
    I want change the plan from pyarijodi to krushicard so can I change this plan because pyarijodi have a lot of costly also they have type of validity recharge and I m farmer so Pl reply me

    Thank you
    Sandip patil

    • For change from Pyari Jodi to Krishi Plan you will have to approach the Customer Service Center. As such if you want to migrate to any other plan, it can even be done online by logging to But as this is area specific plan, they have not kept it online, so you will have to visit the BSNL office.

  12. akhon o ke ae plane ta activ hobay?ar jode ame amar number tata docomo thaykay BSNL ay proting korae taholay ke plane pabo.please dada aktu janan.thank you

    • এই পরিকল্পনা এখনও সক্রিয়. কিন্তু প্রতিদিন মাত্র 30 মিনিট ফ্রী কল. 90 দিন মেয়াদ দাম 75 হয়. কোনো প্রিপেইড বিএসএনএল মোবাইল এই থাকতে পারে.

  13. how activate GPRS on the jodi sim. Can we ?

    • Now a days all sim are 3G sim. There is no requirement of any separate activation. One can browse internet directly.

  14. I was using pyari jodi since long. Just few day back while recharging validity voucher the shopkeeper made a mistake and made my pyari jodi to per sec.pls give solution to the problem.

    • In my understanding, Plan can change only if Plan “Migration voucher” is used. Just recharging with validity voucher of another Plan does not change plan. Alternately for details contact 1503.

  15. I was using pyarijodi card, but today i want to close the same hence kindly confirm process for same

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