Plagiarism Yet Again !

I had written in one of the previous articles on plagiarism as to how some of my articles have been plagiarised on internet.

Recently I found another example of this thing. I had written about my experience about getting my wife’s EPF a/c transferred at

However today, I find that part of the same article has been copy pasted (including mistakes!, that I had later corrected) on a blogger site. The offending URL on Blogger is at:

Such plagiarists are breaking the copyright law, the copyright policy, and even the ‘Acceptable User Behaviour‘ of this site. If this is how the content gets copied, then the very utility of internet is lost. And also because of such of my experiences, I have presently stopped writing ‘meaningful’ articles on internet.

Its not that I dont write, but now I make my articles ‘Private’ – far from the prying eyes of plagiarists. For last few months I have only been updating this blog of Archives, and answering career related questions put by students at


I complained to on this matter. The link to file complaint on such matters is situated at And I must say, the response was prompt. Within 12 hours, the offending webpage was removed. An email was also sent to me (quoted below):


We have received your DMCA take-down notice dated October 19, 2010 regarding

We have reviewed the allegedly infringing content in question. In
accordance with our policies, we have taken the content offline and
notified the blogger of the complaint. Should the allegedly infringing
content reappear at this post, please let us know and we will take further action.

The Blogger Team

This is really a good thing. So all the plagiarists beware !

The worst thing I have found about such plagiarists is that they hide behind anonymity. They copy paste content on webpages, that do not have names to it. Some, I guess open sites or blogs just to earn the adsense revenue – and since they dont have content of their own, they copy paste it from other sites, to make their sites look genuine.

I really rue the fact that such users of internet do not understand their responsibility of the internet medium. They think that if any content can be accessed freely, then it can be abused and misused. While the various rules and regulations (with legal implications) of fair use of internet exists, such rules are not known to people. How many people read the EULA of any software or service? For that matter India is pretty much a place of piracy, where the software vendors and users think that internet and softwares are free and can be abused at will. Such attitude and outlook is really a matter of concern.

For this website, the Acceptable User Behaviour is:

1) Content can be used only for non-commercial purpose.

2) You cannot copy-paste any substantial part of content on any webpage. At best a couple of lines with the link to the article.

3) If you want to distribute the content – then please download the article in PDF form. The download as PDF link is there with each article on each webpage.

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